Are your sheds Australian made?

Yes. Furthermore, we only use Australian-made Bluescope steel in the manufacture of our sheds.

What is the process to get a shed installed?

In the first instance, All Shed Solutions can help you select the shed that will best meet your needs. We then supply engineering documents for Council Approval and manage the application process for you. We have qualified installers that we engage to install the shed and complete your project.

Can you manufacture customised sheds to specification?

Unlike our competition, we can customise your shed to whatever specification is required. For example, we can make your shed 6.85m wide if that is the only room you have. There are some limitations to what we can do without an architect or engineer on staff but our computer design program is very flexible.

Do you complete and submit Council applications? How long do approvals take?

Unlike many other suppliers in our industry, All Shed Solutions will happily put your Council application together and lodge it with Council. This is a free service. We do not charge any extra for this work. The only fees are those the Council charges to lodge an application. All we require to do this is a current copy of the certificate of title and a site plan, indicating all existing buildings, distances from boundaries as well as where the proposed shed is to go.

How long do approvals take?

Application assessment times vary depending on the form of development being undertaken. Some applications are more complex and require referrals and/or public notification which can take additional time.  The average time take is approximately 12 weeks, but this is a guide only.

Are delivery, gutters and downpipes included in the price?

All quotes from All Shed Solutions include gutters and downpipes. Delivery is inclusive if the shed is to be delivered within the Adelaide Hills. If you are outside of this area it is noted in the extras on the quote.